Mountain Soundsytems Token Lite Paper: A Revolutionary Method for Project Funding

Mountain Soundsystems
7 min readMay 8, 2021


Mountain Soundsystems Token

Mountain Soundsystems Token is a novel concept for lifetime project funding, allowing incentives and passive income to fans for supporting artists.

Mountain Soundsystems is a music project focused on releasing innovative music and developing new live electronic performance experiences. This artist is part of Slope Productions and has released numerous singles and an EP with press in international magazines, music blogs, newspapers and other publications. Mountain Soundsystems is currently performing shows and hosting events in the northwest United States as a live electronica performance along with other artists, DJs, and producers. Mountain Soundsystems founder has now turned his attention towards project funding to expand Mountain Soundsystem’s vision to the highest of summits.

Though Mountain Soundsystems is still in its infancy it has reached a juncture of development which is now being officially shared as Mountain Soundsystems Token ( $MST ). With the launch of the Mountain Soundsystems Token, a new way of funding artists, projects, and collectives has been created. Holders will become a part of the journey in artistic development, offering a unique experience to fund art and promote creative direction. Since Mountain Soundsystems is only just starting, those early fans will be able to get in on the ground floor of all that is to come.

Use Case:

Token holders are able to fund an artistic vision while being actively involved in its success for the first time. Over the lifetime custody of the token, as the popularity of Mountain Soundsystems grows so does public exposure to Mountain Soundsystems Token. Interaction with the token harnesses its management design and economics to increase return, yields, and funding for the artist and funders alike. Funds will be reinvested in the production, furthering the lifespan and career of Mountain Soundsystems. The aim is to create a transparent ecosystem that not only funds the project and rewards those who support it, but also aims for longevity even past the retirement of Mountain Soundsystems itself.


Token Address: 0x341688e9617AABad7C9FE33c39E9274353e247a8


Dex Tools:

100% created at launch / non-inflationary

1,000,000 MST

Fair Launch — No ICO

Custody of token is active, as opposed to passive or locked in a smart contract, and all activity with the token will be designed in the best interest of Mountain Soundsystems longevity and supporter satisfaction. Over the lifetime of the token many actions can be taken and these could include but would not be limited to: token burns, governance, donations or airdrops at critical junctures either in Mountain Soundsystems popularity or Mountain Soundsystems Token’s price action. Active management will achieve many goals with adoption and provide incentive for investors to hold and be able to manage market liquidity to minimize downside volatility. Additionally, due to the fact that the management is active it can also help ensure against price manipulation.

It is important to note, though active management is occurring, this is not to be construed as an expectation of profit, though profit may occur, and those choosing to participate in this ecosystem are doing so as support of Mountain Soundsystem’s creative projects.

How can we trust custody?

Security in the ecosystem is directly tied to the public association of Mountain Soundsystem, which at the time of the token release is several years of work. The address holding all the Mountain Soundsystems Token at launch is: 0x5dBDd9bB62Ff4c0F68427158a6a47994A9954BFe and so all token movement will be easily documented. There are no other wallets receiving any of the initial supply. Any wallets being used in the Mountain Soundsystems Ecosystem will be officially declared, such as the wallet that interacts with Balancer which is: 0x553dE858Fcf990e744617Cb3c61F3F56A1Dd2498.

Its founder and label are both public information, and so the association to Mountain Soundsystems Token is acknowledged publicly as well, thus tied to a real world asset. Notifications of any token movement will be given either publicly through media or posted on the blockchain.

Any attempts, to scam, dump, or rugpull would severely damage the associated music career and further insurance against that is that by using very low liquidity from the founder with a high number of held tokens, any excessive selling would immediately crash the price rendering the remainder of the wallet useless if investors abandon it. As the more decentralized liqudity increases, so too does the insurance against any rapid removal. Holders have the assurance that the liabilities associated with both crashing the token and the associated career prevents even the temptation of doing so. Lastly, but most importantly, any misuse of funds would be the most egregious to those who have chosen to support Mountain Soundsystems the most, damaging the valuable connections and relationships that help Mountain Soundsystems exist in the first place. The combination forms an extremely strong incentive to preserve and maintain the token’s value in order to further the Mountain Soundsystems project.

To Recap this Design:

MST will only be released in very small portions, irregularly, with low starting market liquidity.

Dumping tokens would crash the price and dissuade investors rendering the vast majority of tokens useless

Developer wallet is public with 100% of tokens, no token movement can occur that isn’t public

Misuse of funds ends capital for Mountain Soundsystems and the project as it stands


The active management is designed not only as a funding source, but as an attractive investment for holders. There are several mechanisms in play here, all of which work together with the larger ecosystem to build a resilient model of trust, as opposed to trustless systems commonly found with cryptocurrency today.

The low liquidity will cause any purchases to increase the price significantly, and it would be expected that as Mountain Soundsystems attracts more fans, more people will be interested in supporting the project through the Mountain Soundsystems Token. This would consistently drive the price upwards, with no individual being able to effectively control the supply or price apart from the Mountain Soundsystems Token developer. The low initial liquidity will be attractive to those interested in being a liquidity provider on any of the platforms hosting Mountain Soundsystems Token, allowing for furthering development. Because most of $MST is being held by the developer, the liquidity it attracts will be external and bring value to the project as a whole, which again is positive pressure on the price.


Since Mountain Soundsystems token utilizes crowd sourced liquidity there are multiple ways to earn passive income by being a part of the Mountain Soundsystems Ecosystem. Initial liquidity will be provided to Uniswap by the developer, any crowd funded liquidity providers will be able to earn through Uniswap’s native system, which is at this time 0.3% per transaction. Liquidity providers choosing to do this have the ability to gain large portions of these rewards by contributing due to the low initial amount deployed from the developer. This will also be the case with other exchanges, if Mountain Soundsystems token becomes listed elsewhere.

MST will also be available through a high fee Balancer Pool, alongside Wrapped Statera (wSTA), HEX (HEX), and Balancer Token (BAL). The majority of the pool will be dedicated to MST allowing for holders and the token price to receive the maximum benefit. The swap fee is 5%, disincentivizing those who are selling and benefiting those that prefer to hold longterm, support Mountain Soundsystems, and receive rewards through the Balancer Protocol. The tokens chosen for this pool will also have positive price pressure on MST as well as fees collected through Balancer. wSTA is a wrapped version of Statera which is a deflationary index fund that utilizes Balancer as well. It’s deflationary nature, constantly arbitraging price fluctuations, and balancing cause it to inflect positive price pressure on MST. HEX is a cryptocurrency based certificate of deposition, which due to its nature has strong positive price action. It imparts pressure on the pool as a whole for re-balancing, and thus does the same for MST. Balancer is added to compliment the protocol and support its utilization. While wSTA and HEX are highly volatile, Balancer is less so historically, acting as a relative stable asset in the pool. As none of the assets have been correlated to each other over their lifespan, and due to high volatility overall it allows for maximization of the re-balancing feature, fees, and arbitrage opportunities.

Mountain Soundsystems Token Project Map

  • Launch Mountain Soundsystems Token
  • Increase Liquidity, Fund V3 Migration and create Balancer Pool
  • Fund Website
  • Fund Mountain Soundsystems Releases
  • Further MST Utility
  • Smart Contract for eventual project retirement

More TBA

Mountain Soundsystems Project Map

Short terms, these funds will help in the production and promotion of Mountain Soundsystems’s music releases. As of the time of this paper, 12 new tracks are set to be released in 2021 along with livestreams and a promotional plan. Long term, it is Mountain Soundsystem’s goal to develop live events, share full length releases, host and participate in festivals, collectives, and collaborations to expand a worldwide vision and bring more creativity into a boundless ecosystem.

There is no limit to how high we can climb with Mountain Soundsystems.



Mountain Soundsystems

Mountain Soundsystems is a music project based out of Seattle, WA.