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3 min readMay 5, 2021


2021 is a pivotal year for Mountain Soundsystems, a year where this project will begin to branch out from its inception in Seattle, WA to a global and immutable platform of ideas and artistic exchange. We have seen the world transform rapidly in front of us with no signs of ceasing, and so to Mountain Soundsystems must innovate on what it means to be a creative force of nature in the present. The goal of this post is to share the upcoming plans, release information, and projects for 2021.


Mountain Soundsystems is releasing 12 singles over the remainder of 2021, with the first 4 officially set for May 28th, June 11th, June 25th, and July 9th. The first single is entitled “Magma Blood” and is a bouncy Bass House banger with worldwide distribution on all major streaming platforms. For the remaining unannounced 8 tracks, tentatively, it is planned to release those roughly every two weeks for the remainder of the year. All the released tracks will span a wide variety of genres from Hip Hop, EDM, Psy-Trance, and more, involving a hybridization of virtuoso performance, genera bending instrumentation, fresh sound design, and new musical conceptualizations. It is an ambitions and wide reaching goal, something that Mountain Soundsystems has anticipated sharing highly.

Magma Blood Album Cover

Live Shows

Over Q3 Mountain Soundsystems plans to completely revamp their live set for an entirely new level of livetronica experience. In addition to this, there are plans to begin hosting online streaming events which will be a mixed media experience of music and visuals, featured on Youtube and Twitch. Mountain Soundsystems is also working on festival applications for 2022 and also with underground event promoters in addition to curating its own events. All announcements with this as still in the works, but this is the direction things are headed in.


Promotion and marketing will continually occur throughout this entire process in order to ensure the widest reach possible, be it either promoting the release of singles, live shows, online events or other venues. Promotion plans are including but not limited to: working with international music promoters and services, independent promoters and influencers, playlisting, press, social media activity and online events.

Mountain Soundsystems Token

Mountain Soundsystems Token ( $MST ) Logo

Mountain Soundsystems will be launching the Mountain Soundsystems Token cryptocurrency ($MST) in order to support these creative visions, more details and a lite paper will follow soon surrounding the token in detail. The aim for the launch of this token is to a create a long term plan for achieving funding and to also expand the possibilities that Mountain Soundsystems can bring to fans. As Mountain Soundsystems Token rises and funds increase, so to will the abilities that Mountain Soundsystems has to provide new content and experiences. It is the hope and plan that Mountain Soundsystems and Slope Productions will be able to bring to you large scale events, digital media experiences, artists and music that offer the most horzion expanding and lush take on music, arts, and ideas.

Looking forward to taking this journey with all of you through 2021!!!



Mountain Soundsystems

Mountain Soundsystems is a music project based out of Seattle, WA.